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Why appear for World Olympiads Examinations?

The World Olympiads Association (WOA) believes that every student is full of potential to learn and improve. Periodic assessment of the student is a key milestone to provide feedback and directions for improvement, and this principle is used in the school examinations during evaluation of our children. As the fast-moving world is becoming smaller, our child's future studies may not be limited to present geographic region. In the present era, assessment at the class or school level may not be sufficient enough to explore the talent among students. All students are required to know where they stand in the world outside their own school.  World Olympiads Examinations are based on the unique concept which examines the student at the global level based on the internationally harmonized curriculum. While developing In world olympiads syllabi and examinations, due consideration is given to various aspects such as knowledge, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, reasoning ability and cultivating a passion for learning.  Let's make WOA  as jumping-off point for your child.

Exam Schedule

World Olympiad Examinations are conducted every year during January to March. Dates of examination is informed to the students well in advance by email and other communication modes. Same will be displayed on our website also.

Olympiads Details


All students from standard I to VIII are eligible to attend the Olympiad Examinations. There is no restriction on age. Ideally one should appear in the examinations for the standard in which he/she is currently studying, or just completed. If a student is confident to appear in the examinations of the higher standard he/she can do so, however, a student can not appear in the lower standard in which he/she is studying. For instance, if a student is currently studying in standard V, or just completed the standard V, he/she can appear for the examination of standard V (or higher standards) but he/she cannot appear in the standard IV or below.

Olympiad Fee


World Science Olympiad

USD 3  (₹ 199)


World Mathematics Olympiad

USD 3 (₹ 199)


World English Olympiad

USD 3 (₹ 199)


World Cyber Olympiad

USD 3 (₹ 199)

The Olympiad fee includes examination appearance fee, communication fee, certificates and awards (as applicable). 

For international candidates, additional shipping charges are applicable for medals, if they desire to receive the same by courier.

Exam Fee
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